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Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, article 13, all business premises must install and maintain portable fire extinguishers. They must be the right type for the identified risks and positioned in the correct locations with
adequate signage. This also forms part of BS 5306 part 3 2017 and part 8 2012.

There are many different types and sizes of fire extinguishers so it’s important you have the correct type and size for its risks and have enough power (rating) to deal with any potential fire situation. If you’re unsure on any issues concerning your protection systems or their installation please call our qualified team for advice.

If you’re a new company or have re-located we can supply, install and commission new fire extinguishers for you – professional service at competitive rates – please, get in touch for a no-commitment quote.

We can survey your premises free of charge and give you a full breakdown of your requirements with a detailed costing.


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Technicians Nationwide

We have technicians across the country, all fully qualified with IFEDA.

Fully Compliant

Our systems are fully compliant with BS EN 2000 standards and kitemarked for inspections.  They are also CE approved.

5 Year Guarantee

All new fire extinguishers come fully commissioned, guaranteed for 5 years, and ready to use.


Certification is issued upon completion of all work undertaken.  This proves your extinguishers are compliant with the Fire Safety Order, and is valid for one year.


How Many Extinguishers Are Required?

The number and type of extinguishers required depends on the type of business and the size of the premises.

As a general rule of thumb any business requires 2 x Class A (water or foam) rated extinguishers for an area up to 400m2.  For every additional 200m2 you require an extra class A extinguisher. The minimum required is 2 x water/foam per floor. In addition to this you require a CO2 to cover electrical risks.

A typical example would be an office on two floors:

floor 1 – 500 sq.m = 3 x water/foam + CO2
floor 2 – 350 sq.m = 2 x water/foam + CO2
Total required = 5 x water/foam and 2 x CO2.

All extinguishers come in various sizes so it’s important the correct size of extinguisher is installed.

For an office environment most water/foam extinguishers are 6 litres (13A rating) and a suitable size of CO2 is 2kg (34B).

(Legal: Under the Fire Safety Order 2005 all businesses are required to have portable fire extinguishers and these must be serviced in accordance with BS 5306 part 3 2017 and part 8 2012 at least once per annum by a competent person.)

Installation - Update 2017

All fire extinguishers must be commissioned on site on installation to BS 5306 part 3 2017 and part 8 2012 by a qualified engineer (part 8 relates to the selection and positioning of fire extinguishers).

In the past year many companies have had incorrect extinguishers installed in the wrong locations – the main culprit – the use of the multi-purpose powder extinguisher on escape routes of buildings. Due to the nature of the contents of these extinguishers if they are discharged on escape routes they cause a haze which can effect visibility through the escape route.

Also many extinguishers were found installed at heights potentially dangerous to the user – no extinguisher should be installed above 1.5m from the ground.

“You have the responsibility for the provision of appropriate fire-fighting equipment. It is also your responsibility to check that all fire fighting equipment is in the correct position and in satisfactory order before the premises are used. Appropriate staff should be trained in the use of all such equipment.”
Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.