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When is Training Necessary?

The Fire Safety Order of 2005 legislation requires all employers to ensure employees are provided with adequate and suitable fire safety awareness and fire warden training. Fire safety training awareness and fire warden training within any working environment is a legal requirement under the Order.

Fire warden/marshal training is necessary when new employees are moved into a building or changes have been made to the emergency plan and the preventative and protective measures.

Training is also advised when working practices and processes or people’s responsibilities have changed or any risks in a building have changed. If disabled people have been employed or a new member of staff has undertaken the role of a duty manager or fire marshal.

FSS South offers group and individual fire warden training on site and via zoom for businesses of all sizes throughout London and the South.  Contact us on 023 92 696596 or email us for more information.

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How Many Employees Need Training?

You should make provision for at least 2 fire wardens per floor. A typical example would be an office that occupies 2 floors and has approximately 30 employees should make the provision for at least 4 fire wardens. This would be the minimum requirement. It would be advised that in this scenario the company should have 6 wardens. This allows for sickness, holidays and other unforeseen circumstances.

Training should be repeated as often as necessary to expand your fire marshals knowledge. We provide annual refresher courses and they are advisable.

All staff should undergo a contingent fire safety awareness training on induction to any business. Staff should be aware of these procedures throughout the duration of their employment.

We help ensure employers meet the requirements by offering comprehensive fire warden/marshal training courses for organisations of all sizes across the UK but mainly in London.

Our fully certified courses give people an all-round knowledge of fire safety awareness and the roles of a fire warden/marshal and what exercise to do in the event and development of fires, from prevention through to escape. You will get in-depth learning of the dangers of flames and smoke and the best methods of firefighting in confined, closed and open spaces.

We also train delegates in the use of fire extinguishers and give first hand practical experience of tackling a incidents with different types of portable fire extinguishers.

We understand that having an operational maintenance program in the workplace is the best system to have for the protection of your staff. We aim to educate you in these procedures so you will be able to see the signs of potential hazards, as not seeing them could prove to be a costly error.

All trainers are experienced time served professionals within the Fire Service and have achieved levels of at least Watch/Station Commander and Gi FireE or Mi FireE (Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers) status.

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