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We Serve the South of England, from Bristol, to Southampton, to Essex

At FSS South, we take a methodical approach to fire risk assessments, examining each element of your business to ensure that it has adequate fire protection in place to protect you and your team, and to keep you compliant with fire safety legislation. 

Our pragmatic, approachable assessors will inspect the prevention and suppression methods already in place, and compare these with the needs of your business. 

We'll then produce a Fire Action Plan to help you bridge the gap between what you have now, and what you need, and will support you in implementing this.

Our fire risk assessments are competitively-priced, and we will never try to oversell you products or services that you do not need.  We take the pain and uncertainty from fire safety, leaving you to concentrate on your business. 

FSS South works with companies all over the south of England, including Bristol, Keynsham, Clevedon, Yate, Weston, Bath, Southampton, Colchester, Bournemouth, Cambridge, and the surrounding areas.

If you're based in the south and are looking for a reliable fire risk assessment company to help your business stay compliant, contact FSS today, and we’ll arrange your risk assessment within 10 working days.

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Reduce Your Risk

Annual fire risk assessments ensure that all essential measures are in place to protect your people, premises, and business.

Professional Service

Our engineers are fully accredited. We’ll give you their name when you book and they’ll call before arrival. 

Remain Compliant

Avoid potential fines or prosecution for non-compliance with the Fire Safety Order 2005.

Value for Money

Our prices are competitive, and we will never try to sell you products or services that you don't need.


What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

Fire risk assessments are tailored documents for your company and its status in relation to fire safety which should be recorded for inspection by Fire Officers and your insurance company.  They are also a useful tool for preventative and improvement measures.

The fire risk assessment process incorporates a methodical approach to analysing your working practices in relation to to fire safety. The main areas to examine within a business are:

Fire Prevention – Housekeeping, Storage, Smoking, Heating and Electrical apparatus, Flammable and Combustible substances

Communication – Detectors, Alarms, Signs, Emergency lighting

Escape – Escape routes, Escape plans, Drills, Vulnerable occupants

Confinement – Fire Doors, Fire stopping devices, Smoke dampers

Fire Suppression – Portable and fixed firefighting equipment and training

Training, Drills, Testing, Maintenance – Current status and required improvements

These main fire safety categories are very much interlinked and questions should be asked about the satisfactory standard of what is in place (in regard to endangerment of the building and human life) and how any particular system might be improved.

Training of employees in fire safety awareness and appointing suitable fire wardens will usually be recommended as additional fire safety measures (see our fire safety awareness courses).

Fire Risk Assessments - Your Legal Responsibilites

  • Each building has a ‘responsible person’, usually the owner or manager, who is responsible for conducting or arranging a fire risk assessment.
  • All workplaces should have a completed and documented fire risk assessment. All findings should be recorded.
  • You must take appropriate action on these findings to help mitigate the risk of fire.
  • Your insurance will require you to have completed a fire risk assessment, otherwise they may not pay out.
  • If you don’t have time to manage your fire safety responsibilities, our experts can help.
  • Our fire risk assessments mitigate the risk of fire and protect your premises and employees.
  • We’ll help you stay compliant with the most up-to-date fire safety regulations.

Our Service Areas Throughout The South

FFS provides nationwide fire safety services including fire risk assessments to businesses and organisations throughout the south of England, including Bristol, Southampton, Essex, and London.

Whether you have just moved into a new business premises in Southampton, or are looking for a new fire safety company in Bristol to renew your fire risk assessment, FSS can help.

Get peace of mind with a free quote by by completing our contact form today, and we’ll arrange your risk assessment within 10 working days. Alternatively, call us on 023 92 696596.

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