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Stopping Small Fires In Their Tracks

Fire extinguishers are an important part of every organisation's fire safety toolbox, as they allow you to put out small fires quickly and efficiently before your people, premises, and property are put at risk.  

However, extinguishers can only be effective if they are carefully selected and regularly maintained.  Equipping your premises with the wrong kind of fire extinguisher could do more damage than good, potentially putting staff at risk as they try to extinguish a blaze with an extinguisher designed for another purpose.  The same is true of extinguishers which are not serviced regularly; there is a high risk that an unserviced extinguisher will not work effectively when needed, leading to a much more damaging fire.

At FSS South, we'll audit your premises and identify how many extinguishers you need to protect your staff.  We'll also determine the potential risk in each working area, ensuring that every extinguisher is fit for purpose.  

We'll supply, install, commission, and service your fire extinguishers, providing a professional service at competitive rates.  Call us today for your free quote.

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